Data & Styling

Adjust the chart using the controls below



How to use the Space Bar Chart

Here we will discuss how to use this free tool to make your animated bar chart from outer space.


Follow these simple steps to create your chart, it's quick and easy. If you are fast you can create your chart in under 1 minute!

  • Press the button: Open the settings panel where you make changes to your chart.
  • Data: Replace our example data, you can add or remove rows using the buttons
  • Title: Give your chart a title, this updates when you start typing.
  • Background colour: Set the background colour for your chart (colours can be html colour name, hex or RGB).
  • Text colour: Change the colour of the text, in the Title, Axes and Bar Values.
  • Bar colour: Adjust the colour of the bars in your chart.
  • Bar padding: Changes the spacing between the bars.
  • Update button: This runs your animated chart. It closes the panel and uses your inputs. Your data exists until you leave the page or refresh; we do not store it.